Quilter's Workshop

We'll quilt a path to anywhere your heart desires - - - - - - -



Prepare your quilt for the quilter

Add 3 inches to the backing & batting on each of  4 sides; this allows room to adjust the fabric for squareness.  So if you quilt is 50" x 50", your back should be 56" x 56".  It's OK if it is larger, you will get all your scraps back to use for another quilt.  

Securely tack the outside seams as they get a lot of handling before they are secured for the finished quilt.  

Snip all loose threads & remove all pins.  

If you piece your backing, remove salvages from the seams and I prefer a 1/2" seam. You can press your seam any direction you like. 

Specify the direction of the quilt top & back if it affects the design.

We can add labels or you can put yours on the back prior to quilting if you like.  

Press all seams flat for quilting.

Fold the quilt top. back, & batting separately for delivery.  We load each piece separately on the machine.

We will be happy to trim the extra backing & batting even with the edge of the quilt top to make it easier for you to bind.  If you want to fold your backing over to the front to bind with it, YOU MUST let us know so that we center your quilt top & leave that extra on each edge..


History of the quilt 

We can make the label for your quilt. It can be a word document that is printed on to fabric - - -
It can be embroidery text & designs.
We can add a border to it & stitch it on before it's quilted to hold the label on forever.


Long Arm stitching designs

Meandering - wanders the quilt with a comforting relaxed style like puzzle pieces.

Free Motion Quilting - designs that move around the quilt similar to meandering from hearts to leaves or flowers. Bring me a picture and we'll see if we can draw it. Each flower or leaf will be a little different as it is a free motion design.

Pantographs - Pre-printed designs that go from edge to edge and repeat for the length of the quilt.

Artistic Quilting - custom designs usually involving several patterns made to accomodate your particular quilt.

Basting - tacks your quilt every 3 to 6 inches in both directions and is easy for you to remove to  prepare for hand quilting.